Nouchka Fontijn

Nouchka Mireille Fontijn
is a Dutch professional boxer. She is an Olympic Silver medallist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Nouchka is also two-time European champion in the women’s middleweight or 75-kg class after winning Gold at both the European Championships in Bucharest in 2014 and Baku in 2015. Moreover, she won Silver at the 2011 European Championships in Rotterdam, as well as at the 2016 World Championships in Astana and at the 2018 World Championships in New Delhi.

During the World Championships in Oelan-Oede in 2019, Nouchka reached the finals again. After this final her arm was raised as the winner and World Champion for the first time. However, a new rule had been implemented that summer, which allowed the losing party to protest when the score is 3-2. After the medallists had been announced, the medal ceremony was suddenly postponed. After a long wait it appeared the appeal had succeeded, which meant that Nouchka’s World Champion title had been taken away and she was awarded Silver.

The rule that allowed the losing party to protest was immediately withdrawn from the rulebook after these World Championships, so the rule only lasted for a few months and the only competitor who has lost a title owing to this rule was Nouchka.

Nouchka planned on retiring after the Olympics in 2020, but as they were postponed due to COVID-19, she would like to continue for another year. During her boxing career, she studied physiotherapy at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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